Montara Victorian Style Gin

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Montara Victorian Style Gin speaks of the landscape, culture and senses of its home, here in Victoria. Inspired by the beautiful natural terrain of the Grampians, a collection of native ingredients, Lemon Myrtle and Lemon Aspen are distilled alongside a mix of Hibiscus, Almonds, Cardamon and of course Juniper.

Aromatics of lemon myrtle lift the bouquet, accompanied by citrus notes from full fresh native lemon aspen, lemon fruit segments and rind. Citrus folds around the gentle spice of cardamom. Texturally a silky, hibiscus infused Gin finishing with the cooling crisp of cucumber.

Best served as a slow sipper with thinly sliced cucumber, mint sprig, and ginger flesh. Great in cocktails due to its powerful flavor profile and complex citrus notes.

Recommendations: Be a traditionalist and sip neat served on ice.

Or add tonic, mint and cucumber and serve over ice.

Or for a bit of extra warmth, we recommend a slice of ginger for that extra kick.

But there is nothing quite like a Montara Victorian Style Gin Martini serve with Grampians Olive Co Olives. 

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