• Embracing the Season: Pruning Time at Montara Wines and Our New Farmers Market

    At Montara Wines, each season brings its own unique rhythm and responsibilities, and winter is no exception. As the chill of the season settles over the Grampians, our team prepares for one of the most crucial tasks in the vineyard: pruning. This year, we're also thrilled to announce the launch of our very own Farmers Market, creating a perfect synergy of community and agriculture...
  • Upcoming events for September

    We are very happy to announce that Wine down Fridays are back on Friday 1st   September and will be occurring monthly from here forward!  4-5pm Happy Hour  5-8pm Live music with Mud Madex Woodfire Pizzas, Cocktails, Beer & Wine  Sunday 10th September – Live music with The Doodads 1-5pm Saturday 30th September – AFL Final being shown here with DJ Matt from the   arvo  to evening.
  • Upcoming Events for October

    Wine Down Friday with Dizzy Davidson and Ezra Lee ‘Rock n Roll Duo’ Friday 6th   October. 4-5pm Happy Hour 5-8pm Live Music with Dizzy and Ezra Woodfire Pizzas, Cocktails, Beer and Wine Sunday 15th October – Live music with Billie Stapleton and Paul Vergara ‘Jazz   Duo’ 3-6pm Sunday 29th October – Live Music with Gerry Kennedy 1-5pm
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