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Naomi –Cellar Door & Winery

Originally from England, I have only just recently resided in Ararat. What was only going to be a short stay has now turned into a career and a home. I love Montara, not only for its WINE but for my colleagues, my work and the beautiful grounds we are blessed to work on. I love to travel and explore so in my free time I am normally jet setting and exploring another part of Australia which I haven’t yet visited. At the moment I am tending to two baby goats which are the new Montara’s Mascots!

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Kim- CellarDoor 

I have worked at Montara since its reopening in November 2022. I absolutely love coming to work and admiring the beautiful views that are seen from cellar door. When I am not at work, I am with my children who engage in activities such as football and netball. Therefore, on my weekends off I am usually cheering and supporting them through their games. Now and then I love to relax with a glass (or bottle) of Montara Cabernet Sauvignon this is because of its intense fruit flavours which really coat the palette, I find that it pairs well with a lot of meals I tend to cook as well.

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